Wednesday, October 3, 2007

An American Battle

SEARS Credit Card

RE: Sears Credit Card Account #XXXXXXXXX

Dear Sir or Madam:

It is with regret and consternation that I must report the following troubles that I have been having with this credit card since July 2004. First, please note that I have never received a bill or late payment for this account since 07/04, until I called to close the account in 04/05, at which time the operator informed me that I had an outstanding balance. The chronology of my story and the ensuing problems are as follows:
07/22/04 & 07/25/04 - I made a few purchases at a local SEARS store, with the resulting balance totaling $130.74. On the first occasion, I reported to the sales clerk that I moved and provided her with my new address. She was unsure if she could make the change in the system. After a few moments she stated that she was able to do so and did (or so she stated). This address was XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
08/04 -I never received a bill or late notice.
09/04 -At some point in 09/04, I realized that I never received a bill for these purchases. I called the number on my credit card and was informed that the address change was never made and that late fees and finance charges were applied. I explained the situation to the operator. The operator assured me that the late fees and finance charges would be dropped. She quoted me a balance of $130.74. In additon, she stated that the address change had been noted. I paid the balance in full.
10/04 or 11/04 - I returned to SEARS and made another purchase of two shirts and a pair of slacks.
11/04 - No bill or late fee received at my reported address.
12/04 - No bill or late fee received. By this point, I forgot about the purchases, thus it did not cross my mind to call and reported the same change of address for the third time.
01/05 - No bill or late fee received at my reported address.
02/05 - No bill or late fee received at my reported address.
03/05 - No bill or late fee received at my reported address.
04/05 - No bill or late fee received at my reported address. I called to cancel the account because I obtained another SEARS card recently (SEARS MasterCard- it is worth noting that I had no credit troubles in obtaining this card nor was I informed of late fees with the old card). I was notified when I called to cancel the card of the outstanding balance, I requested a statement at once. I moved again and had a new address to report. This time, I promptly received notice of closure and the balance amount, along with a history of transactions.
I have enclosed a check for the original purchase amount and a small finance charge which was included at that time, although I think it too erroneous. This seems to me fair and equitable after the nightmare which I have just described to you. I intend to remain a SEARS customer provided this is settled honestly and satisfactorily. Thank you in advance for your assistance with this matter. Please notify me of the results, I have listed several contact options below. PLEASE NOTE THE CORRECT MAILING ADDRESS IS BELOW.

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