Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Huge links of sausage with cayenne juices flowing from them like a river

it is unclear why I found this passage from a food blog so utterly amusing-

I stringently disagree with your motion to discontinue boiling sausage with our seafood! The notion that grilled sausage may be better than seafood-boiled sausage is absurd! For my people anyway. Every time I boil seafood, I include sausage. Without exception, the sausage is the first thing to go. Some guests do not even start on the seafood until all the sausage is gone. You and I’s guests must have pallets from different planets because my people LOVE it!I recently had friends and family in from Florida on vacation. As usual I included a whole box of Manda’s Hot Smoked Sausage cut into 6” long links and boiled in the seasoning mix for about 15 minutes before dumping the crawfish in. Using this method, the ordinary 1” diameter links swell to almost 2” diameter. When bitten into or broken, the red cayenne pepper juice runs out like a river! Absolutely incredible! One of my personal favorites. My guests from Florida were overwhelmed with the flavor. In fact, the rest of their trip, all they did was talk about the sausage...and the sight of the juices running from those super inflated links...No-one could stop talking about the sausage!...the topic of all the conversations all gravitated back to sausage, sausage, sausage. They can not stop talking about the sausage! Huge links of sausage with cayenne juices flowing from them like a river.
You do as you wish on your stove top; my sausage will be the talk of the town...for many years to come!

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