Monday, June 22, 2009

Sewn Together (This Time)

Well, the Pups have dogged it again! These boys have gotten real tight with all the recent touring as their show at the Parish on 6th Street in Austin, TX proved on Saturday night. I think the word transcendent would be apt to describe the atmosphere of this Meat Puppets show. They started out with the opening track of the new CD. They opened the last show I saw with that one too. It's a goods choice because the vocals kick in a second or two before the musical accompaniment. "Forget only wanna be're living like a dusty bone..." I turned to my wife and asked: "Whaddya think that means: 'living like a dusty bone'?" She pondered it awhile but didn't answer. I pulled a few bills out of my pocket and she procured another round. That was transcendent enough. The psychedelic improvisation that Curt does on the guitar is astounding and takes the recorded CD versions to unparalleled heights. And to see his brother melodiously beat that thunder broom is a sight to behold. The opening band came out and joined 'em for a blistering version of 'Plateau'. I invited a buddy of mine in LA to come out for this but he didn't have the guts. Shame. On the home, careening down I-35 my wife said, "They really rocked, but they were no David Johansen." We had seen the New York Dolls again a couple weeks prior (review to be posted). "No," I replied "they're goofy. Not many have what David Johansen has...Iggy...Mick Jagger...that's about it." Then we pulled through what-a-burger and ordered some fries.

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