Friday, May 1, 2009

Ginn Hits The Coast

Gregg Ginn and the Texas Corrugators put on a show in Los Angeles at the Fais Do Do.

Good show.. the Corrugators had a new member -- guitar player looked to be about 22 yrs old. He was good, but his thing was that he constantly fiddled with the knobs on the guitar, played the strings on the headstock, plink-a-plinked them on the pickups, bent the neck a bit, etc. He also kept ducking over to his amp to fuck with knobs there too.. annoyed the shit out of me to where I couldn't just focus on his playing..

Ginn on bass was cooler than I expected.

The electric mandolin player was a hell of a player. Dude rocked it.

During the intermission between the Corrugators and Jambang, I bought a CD from the opening band and the latest Corrugators disc. $5 each -- and every dime went right into the bands' pockets. Perfect.

Jambang was a little disappointing.. Ginn picked up the guitar and I was expecting quite a treat -- never seen him playing guitar live. Unfortunately, the guitar was so washed out and he played so little lead that it was a bit anti-climactic... The trance-y effect of the jambang sound was cool, but I was a little let down by the wash-out.. his guitar was essentially lost in the mix with the keyboards (played by the new guy) and the sequenced bass emanating from the box of rack-mounted effects he was playing thru.

Still, it was nice to watch then man himself play right in front of me in what was effectively a private show. Literally about 25 people, total, were there by the time Jambang played -- and that included the opening band, Are You a Cop? (who put on a great show to open the evening!)

As they left the stage, I told Ginn, "Great show, man," to which he replied, "Thanks, I appreciate it!"

And I got the feeling that he actually did.

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