Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Doctors say: Grapes are Packed with Sugar

So, it was an uneventful Sunday afternoon. My little daughter (5 years old) had a playmate over for the afternoon and it was coming up on lunch time.

The wife looked at the fruit basket and suggested that I hit the grocery store for some grapes to feed the kids. I figured I'd grab some beer and other sundries as well.

The store was pretty quiet and I got to the checkout counter with my purchases pretty quickly. I set them on the conveyor belt and waited.

As I stared absentmindedly at the tabloids, the guy in front of me chatted good-naturedly with the checker.

I wasn't paying attention to his conversation when he decided to turn around and assess my grocery selections. He frowned and advised me in an honestly concerned voice that his doctor had told him grapes were really high in sugar and not really very good for you.

I gave him an 'aw shucks' look and said they were for the kids at home.

He said something about that being even worse and tried to get the checker to agree with him.

She said nothing but raised her eyebrows a bit in the direction of the conveyor belt. I followed her gaze and checked out his purchases: four quarts of ice cream, a bottle of rum, and some toothpicks.

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Luz said...

Shot beer through my nose laughing!